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Special Educational Needs

Subject Overview

At Limavady High School we believe in taking a child-centred approach to special educational needs, recognising the importance of getting to know our pupils as individuals with their own personalities, interests, strengths and areas of difficulty. We strive to provide the best possible educational experience for all our pupils, regardless of their special need.

Our SENCO manages and co-ordinates all matters relating to SEN provision, including interventions and support programmes, working closely with pupils, parents, subject teachers, the VP (Pastoral) and the HOY Team, as well as with a wide range of Outside Agencies. The Learning Support Teacher provides additional teaching in literacy and numeracy, offering focused programmes of support, and a team of Classroom Assistants provide additional adult support both inside and outside of the classroom.

Pupil voice is important to us, as is open and honest communication with parents. We believe in working together to ensure that our pupils are helped to overcome their difficulties so that they can achieve success and be happy in school.



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