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Absence From School

We should be grateful if parents would notify us in writing of the reason for any absence from school. We are happy to receive early warning of an absence over the telephone or via Parent Mail. We expect a note from parents confirming and explaining the absence when the pupil returns to school if advance warning was not given. This note should be on the relevant page of the pupil’s Day Book.

A request in writing is necessary before contemplating absence for any reason other than illness e.g. a family holiday. However, we hope that parents will consider very carefully before taking this action, since any long absence can lead to considerable difficulties for pupils in catching up with their missed work.

Please do not ask your child to leave school during the day unless it is unavoidable. Pupils will only be released if a signed, dated note is received in advance from a parent or guardian, giving a valid reason for withdrawing the pupil and stating the time the child should leave school and the expected time of return. Pupils, who have an appointment with the dentist, optician, doctor etc., should attend school as normal; bring a note requesting that they be released at the appropriate time and return to school afterwards, rather than taking the full day off.

We will use Truancy Call to contact you if your child is absent and we have not received advanced warning.



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