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School Canteen

Lunches are served in the school canteen which operates on a cafeteria basis with swipe card payment. Money may be loaded on the card by payment at the school office or by coin machines at three locations in the building. Each pupil is issued with a swipe card free of charge.If this card is lost or damaged there will be a charge of £10.00 for replacement. At present a substantial meal can be purchased for approximately £2.60. However, parents receiving Supplementary Benefit or Family Income Supplement are entitled to free school meals in accordance with an income scale determined by the Government. Packed lunches may be eaten in the canteen or senior cloak room.

Pupils in Years 8 – 12 are not permitted to leave the school grounds at break or lunchtime. Students in sixth form are permitted to leave the grounds at break and lunchtime. This is a recognition of their increasing maturity.


Heads of Year will issue a pass to those pupils who go to their own home for lunch. We are attempting to promote healthy eating lifestyles and encouragement to frequent local chip shops is not our vision for our students.



High School

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