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Subject Overview

All young people in Limavady High School have access to high quality and impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance which will raise aspirations, encourage personal autonomy, develop essential employability skills and enable individuals to make informed, appropriate and realistic career decisions and choices.

Members of Staff

Mrs J McCartney (Head of Department) 

Young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills:

  • to investigate careers opportunities,

  • to understand themselves

  • to develop their capabilities to participate confidently in a rapidly changing society

  • to promote lifelong learning

  • to support better informed decision making

  • to participate in personal career planning

Provision of CEIAG within Limavady High School and across the partnership is student focused, accessible, impartial, relevant and collaborative. There is regular evaluation of CEIAG provision to ensure it addresses the needs of pupils and parents, ensuring young people are aware of appropriate, relevant progression routes towards employment, training or further and higher education. The careers programme involves collaboration with Careers Service NI, employers and other partners to maximise benefits to young people, careers teachers, all other staff, employers and the economy and ensures CEIAG provision takes account of developments in the local economy and global economy including use of up to date Labour Market Information to inform decision making. There is provision for special needs of young people who are disadvantaged in education and/or the labour market with sharing of good practice and resources within Limavady High School and the Roe Valley Learning partnership. Delivery of careers information by all subject departments is also promoted.


Additional Information


At Key Stage 3 careers education is delivered primarily through the Learning for Life and Work curriculum with supplementary activities which include:

  • Year 8 - Young Enterprise ‘Big School’ programme which uses a range of fun, networking exercises to improve social skills and get to know their fellow pupils.

  • Year 9 - YE9 event which emphasises development of enterprising skills and investigation of entrepreneurship

  • Year 10 – a 6 week unit of work based on GCSE choices which is supported by a range of talks and visits to events relevant to making GCSE choice.

Pupils also have an advisory session from John Lang, careers adviser, and individual option choice interviews with senior staff. At Key Stage 4 and 5, pupils have access to a range of visits, talks and events including an annual careers convention held by Coleraine Business Partnership. Some events, such as the Young Enterprise Learn to Earn event in Year 11 are compulsory, while pupils can self-nominate for others which are relevant to their career aspirations. Year 11 pupils will do one week of work experience in June.

In addition, Year 12 pupils have 1 period of careers per week which looks at work related skills including completion of application forms, interview skills and completion of CVs. Pupils also have individual careers interviews with the careers adviser, John Lang.

Year 13 pupils complete one week of work experience. This includes a preparation and evaluation session. Pupils can also participate in voluntary placements relevant to their career choice throughout the year.

Year 14 pupils are supported closely through the UCAS completion process and have workshops on alternatives to university. They also revisit interview skills and have the opportunity to participate in voluntary placements relevant to their career choice.

Pupils in year 13 and 14 can self-refer to John Lang for guidance interviews as required.

Year 13 & 14 have two review meetings per year with the Head of Year to discuss progress and career plans.


For careers updates check out the school Facebook page.



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