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Health & Social Care

Subject Overview

GCSE Health And Social Care (CCEA)

Health and Social Care is a GCSE option offered to pupils in Year 11, it is a two year course, 50% controlled assessment, 50% external exam. The subject aims to encourage pupils to develop their interest and increase their understanding in health, social care and early years. It offers pupils the opportunity to build on the skills and capabilities developed at key stage 3, enabling pupils to broaden their Key stage 4 education and provides a progression to GCE Health and Social Care.

Members of Staff

Ms L. O’Neill (Head of Department)

Mrs L. Clarke

Ms L. Stewart

Mrs K. McDonald

GCE single/double award Health and Social Care (CCEA)

This is an option offered to year13 pupils, a 2 year course either worth 1GCE as a single award (studying 6 units) or worth 2GCEs(studying 12 units) as a Double Award. It is taught in partnership with Northwest College. It is an excellent choice if pupils wish to pursue a career in the health and social care field either going into the world of work or onto third level education/university. There is a good balance between externally assessed units(exams) and internally assessed units (portfolios) which enables pupils to plan work effectively and monitors progress on a regular basis. The health, social care and early years sectors are major employers in Northern Ireland and within this subject pupils will develop many skills and values needed for such a career.

Additional Information


GCSE Health and Social Care has for many years proved itself as a very strong subject with the majority if not all pupils achieving A* C.

GCE Health and Social Care has again proven successful with pupils achieving A*-C every year. We have had recognition by CCEA with 5 past pupils being 1st, 2nd and 3rd top achievers in Northern Ireland Double Award Health and Social Care.



High School

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