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Home Economics

Subject Overview

When we hear the term 'Home Economics' most of us think about cooking and food. Home Economics is about much more than food. Home Economics aims to equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and values that will help them to make appropriate lifestyle choices.

Each year is divided into a series of units which are designed to be enjoyable, challenging and relevant for our young people. A wide range of practical cookery is built into each unit of work so that pupils can develop a range of important skills such as cooking skills, working with others and organisational skills.

At Limavady High school, Home Economics deliver vital skills that enable students to lead effective lives as individuals and family members as well as members of the wider community.

The pupils have opportunities to learn about:

  • Healthy Eating

  • Home and Family Life

  • Independent Living

Members of Staff

Miss C. Connell (Head of Department)
Mrs L. O’Neill
Ms N. Hardman
Mr G. King (Technician)

Courses Offered


KS3 Home Economics

It is taught to all pupils, in Years 8 – 10.

  • Year 8 & year 10 are taught for the full academic year

  • Year 9 works on a carousel with other subjects. The course offered in year 9 is for 12 weeks.

Additional Information

Key Stage 4

GCSE Food and Nutrition (replacing GCSE Home Economics September 2017) GCSE, follows the CCEA specifications.

GCSE Food and Nutrition involves pupils in the study of nutrition, food choice and diet and health within the context of the home and family. It encourages knowledge and understanding of current nutritional advice, the nutritional needs of family members through the life cycle and of diet related conditions. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore issues, to develop practical cooking skills and to learn how to manage resources effectively.


1 External exam – Food and Nutrition - 50%
1 controlled assessment – Practical Food & Nutrition – 50%
GCSE Food and Nutrition qualification is on a grade scale from A* to G, with A* being the highest.

Open College Network Northern Ireland (OCN NI) is a Nationally Recognised Awarding organisation, which offers high quality flexible, credit based qualifications.
OCN catering is assessed by portfolio.

Year 11 consists of 3 Units

  • Practical baking skills

  • Employment opportunities in the catering

  • Food preparation and cooking skills

Year 12 consists of 3 Units

  • Practical kitchen skills

  • Planning, cooking and finishing basic pasta dishes

  • Preparing hot and cold sandwiches




High School

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