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Moving Image Arts

Subject Overview

Pupils are introduced to Media in Year 10 and can choose to study one or both subjects for GCSE. Media Studies is a practical subject that incorporates all aspects of media in our modern world, including online, audio-visual and print. Pupils have the opportunity to study the theory behind media choices and construct their own media texts.

Moving Image Arts focuses on the study of film and animation. Pupils are taught the practical skills of film making as well as developing their ability to understand the creative decisions made by a production team. Pupils are also taught how to develop their analytical skills through the study of film clips. Progression to A Level Moving Image is an option.

Members of Staff

Mrs S. Jack (Head of Department)

Mr P. Elliker

Additional Information

Pupils will be given the opportunity to take part in workshops with professionals within the industry; attend showcases of Moving Image Arts work and other film related events.



High School

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