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Subject Overview

Science at Limavady High School is taught by 5 Science teachers working in well-equipped laboratories. The teaching staff is supported by a Science technician.

Members of Staff

Mrs M. Watkin (Head of Department)
Mrs J. Craig
Mr J. Kissack
Dr A. Robinson
Mrs B. Purcell (Technician)

Mr C. Wolfe

Miss Z. Kyte

Key Stage 3

All pupils at Key Stage 3 (Year 8 – Year 10) study Science. Each year, pupils study a range of topics covering the three main areas of science – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Key Stage 3 Science

Areas of Study covered in Year 8 - 10

  • Interdependence of plants and animals

  • Cells, genes and reproduction

  • Healthy body and mind

  • The environment and human influences

  • Atoms and chemical changes

  • Structures, properties, uses of materials

  • Elements, compounds and mixtures

  • Forces and energy transfer

  • Electricity

  • Sound and light

  • Earth and Universe

  • The solar system and universe 

Key Stage 3 Science aims to stimulate pupils’ curiosity and enthusiasm to develop a sense of wonder in Science. Developing skills in scientific methods of enquiry can engage pupils to develop understanding of the processes of Science as well as content of scientific knowledge. Using investigation and practical experiments to increase motivation, support collaborative working and connect learning about Science to the real world, pupils will develop their Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.


Key Stage 4

Pupils in Years 11 and 12 can choose to study CCEA Single Award or Double Award Science. The specifications for both areas of study builds on the knowledge, skills and understanding developed through the Northern Ireland curriculum for science at Key Stage 3. More details on the specifications for Single Award Science and Double Award Science are available on the CCEA website.

Key Stage 5

Pupils have the opportunity to study CCEA AS / A2 Biology. More details on the specifications for AS / A2 Biology are available on the CCEA website.


Additional Information


Pupils are provided with opportunities to attend a wide variety of outside lectures and visits. For example: Sentinus STEM Workshops, The Big Bang, Seagate Real World Science Conference at St Mary’s College and the STEM Module.



High School

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